SKILLSET® For Schools

Skillset Coaching @ School

Skillset® professional development coaching programs will equip teachers with essential coaching skills to empower them to inspire students; engage with parents positively; and build strong, dynamic, cohesive interpersonal relationships.

The Skillset® INTEGRATIVE TEACHER workshops and training programs are designed to equip today’s teacher with world class professional and communication skills:

Improve educator's resilience
Develop professional coaching skills for teachers
Bring school teams together
Increase emotional intelligence

The SENIOR MANAGER Skillset teaches SMT's how to use COACHING in their management approach:

  • Create an inspired vision for your department!
  • Establish dynamic strategies to meet your objectives!
  • Manage time and get organised!
  • Galvanise a cohesive team!
  • Delegate and upskill your teachers!

Be a school that has:

  • Informed, proactive parents
  • Supported and inspired learners
  • Confident and well-equipped teachers
  • Resilient and responsive school principals
  • Dynamic and effective school management teams

Skillset ® provides the tools to turn that dream into a reality!



"The coaching program for teachers not only assisted me in pulling my team together, it also assisted my staff in understanding themselves in their personal and professional worlds"

C. Viljoen - HOD